Welcome to djlubi.com



Welcome to djlubi.com

Welcome to djlubi.com… where music is your sanctuary!

Hello people.  Welcome to my website.  It’s been a while since I had a DJ Lubi website and forum to present all my different music related stuff.  With 30 years in the game, over time things got a bit dispersed.  Music reviews in one place, clubnight info in another, my compilations in a third space, my guest DJ slots somewhere else.  It finally became time to pull everything together under one roof, ”Casa Lubi” so to speak, so here it is.

All my clubnights and live concert promotions in the UK.  My various guest DJ slots at home and abroad. A little bit of DJ Lubi history.  Great visual images of fliers and photos past and present.  The full list of my compilations.  Soon come, music and DJ mixes via my Radio Lubi podcasts.

And in amongst all that, regular blogs on anything and everything that pops into this extremely (too) active brain of mine. From new CD releases to an old 1970s film I’m digging on TV at that moment. Or a live gig I’m hitting that night to my favourite fish dish recipe of the day. My tagline for this website is “where music is your sanctuary” but for me, music is everything and everything is touched by music and has been for me since I bought my first 7” single aged 8 years old and never looked back since then.

To quote the 1976 pop hit by singer John Miles, “music was my first love and it will be my last… music of the future and music of the past… to live without my music would be impossible to do.. in this world of troubles, my music pulls me through”.

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