DJ LUBI | The Agency – supplying bespoke artists for all events and occasions from the soul/jazz/funk/Latin/world music spectrums: musicians, bands, dancers and DJs available for concerts and clubnights; artist programming for festivals and corporate events; public relations promotion for new music releases, record companies, new and existing artists, events; design services (website, fliers, album covers); photographers – check the biography, current events and galleries to see what we’ve done over the years, what we’re doing today and what we can supply then just get in touch and let us know what you need and we’ll sort it.

Musicians & Bands

From full-on funk bands to bossa nova quartets, deep soul singers to hiphop MCs, world music artists to salsa orchestras, DJ Lubi | The Agency can supply any of these artists from the wealth of talent that perform at our various concerts and clubnights for whichever event requires them – live gig, festival, corporate event – tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to supply it.


Do you need dancers? Salsa teachers for dance classes or maybe salsa dance shows for your clubnight? How about the UK’s finest samba dancers in full Rio carnival costumes for your festival or corporate event? Maybe breakers or streetdancers for your video shoots… just let us know and we’ll sort it.


From the main man himself to our extensive DJ collective, if it’s salsa, soul, funk, Brazilian music, hiphop, reggae, global sounds, jazz, lounge beats or deep house, we can sort you out.  Our DJs are all professional selectors playing clubnights, festivals, radio shows – we’re talking proper DJs not human ipods and playlist compilers!

Event Programming and Promotion

Over three decades of programming live gigs, clubnights, festivals, band tours and corporate events with clients including local authorities, record companies and major international drinks brands, we can supply the bands, DJs, dancers, MCs, sound engineers, photographers.  We take the headache out of programming an event.

Design Services

Website design or flier artwork, club banners or album covers, check the gallery on this website for past and present examples of our designers’ work and give us a shout…


DJ Lubi events and projects since the 1990s onwards have always been well documented by good photographers – live gigs, clubnights, festivals, album covers – check the gallery and drop us a line…




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